As a designer I make great big messes, and as a developer I bring those messes to life. I’ve created end-to-end infrastructures, production code, rich interactive prototypes, detailed wireframes, multi-channel service strategies, and terrible concept sketches. I’m passionate about sharing my love for sketching and code through talks and workshops.


  • Filament Cloud Infrastructure

    While working remotely at Filament, I built an end-to-end cloud infrastructure to help us test, validate and deploy our industrial-strength GPS tracking hardware.
  • Responsive UI for Predix App Hub

    I built the mobile-first, responsive UI for App Hub, which lets GE developers build and deliver large web applications as a series of discrete microapps.
  • Fleet Monitor Remote Diagnostics Web App

    I led the design research, strategy and prototyping for an industrial remote monitoring and diagnostics web app for GE Aviation, which is used today to keep an eye on more than 56,000 jet engines and 24,000 aircraft.
  • Adaptive Path Events Development

    I revamped the technology platform of Adaptive Path’s Events websites, preserving their rich history of content while creating a strong foundation for launching new sites year after year.
  • Adaptive Path Home Page

    While working as an experience design intern at Adaptive Path, I dared to rewrite some of Douglas Bowman’s own code and implemented a newly designed home page.
  • Big Winds Commerce Rebuild

    With the help of a local developer we rebuilt the Big Winds commerce engine in Ruby on Rails, to the tune of improved performance, easier maintenance, faster development, smarter product data, and a pixel-perfect grid design.
  • Alpine Quickstart Templates

    I created a series of “quickstart” HTML/CSS templates to standardize our web development practice at Alpine, delighting dozens of clients with the goodness of web standards.
  • Bixby Heart Dot Com

    We built a web-based iPhone application to help our dear friend Mark Bixby keep an eye on his ticker during SXSW 2008. By choosing to feed him bacon or juice, the crowd had control over Mark’s delicious fate.
  • Adaptive Path Fridge Alarm

    Adaptive Path had a meddlesome refrigerator with a door that wouldn’t always shut, spoiling our food and wasting precious resources. I wired it up so it would play hit 80s music if it got left open too long.
  • Wiichuck Pong

    I used an Arduino to connect a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk to my computer, and modified a game of Pong so I could control the paddles using the accelerometers in the controller.
  • Recipe Application Prototype

    I took the wireframes and requirements for a proposed web form, and built an interactive high-fidelity XHTML/CSS/JavaScript prototype for a fictional recipe application.


  • “Codecraft” Talk

    Codecraft Talk
    I gave a talk at GE’s first-annual Design Conference, discussing the rapid pace of change in development practices over the last ten years and its implications for how we practice design.
  • “Design at Scale” Workshop

    Lean Day West Workshop
    At Lean Day West, Karel Barnoski and I conducted a half-day workshop where we taught UX professionals how to achieve better, faster UX in the enterprise by using design systems, sketching, and prototyping techniques.
  • “Designing the Industrial Internet” Talk

    Designing The Industrial Internet
    At IxDA San Francisco’s “Design Doing” event, I gave a talk about my experience working as an interaction designer at GE, where I use an HTML/CSS/JS framework to design in code on an agile development team.
  • “On Aircraft and Craft” Interaction13 Talk

    I gave a talk at GE’s first-annual Design Conference, discussing the rapid pace of change in development practices over the last ten years and its implications for how we practice design.
  • “The Fastest Pivot You’ll Ever Make” Talk

    I gave a talk at RocketSpace in San Francisco to a packed house of startups on how they can use user experience principles to craft more desirable products more quickly.
  • U.N. Global Pulse HunchWorks Talk

    Adaptive Path helped Global Pulse work through the messy human challenges of HunchWorks, a system designed to detect and mitigate emerging global crises before they occur.

Design & Code

  • Brainside Out Website

    Brainside Out was my online haven for experimentation from 2001 until 2011, taking form over the years as a website, weblog, portfolio, and even a freelance design business.
  • Daneomatic Weblog

    Daneomatic was my personal weblog from 2006 to 2014.
  • Lost Mountain Website Redesign

    Lost Mountain Clayworks is the eclectic pottery studio of Mark Heimann. I designed and launched the new Lost Mountain website, creating a rugged look and bringing online shopping to his sturdy line of pirate stoneware.
  • Erratik Productions Website Redesign

    Erratik Productions Website Redesign
    Erratik Productions is a video production company that is influenced strongly by jazz, rock and hip-hop music. I built a website that helps Erratik manage their grassroots marketing efforts.
  • Tuesdays Robot Website Redesign

    Heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, Tuesdays Robot is a country rock band hailing from Minneapolis. I designed and launched a new website to correspond with the release of their first official album.

  • Design

    • iPhone App Concepts

      As an experience design intern at Adaptive Path I worked with the team, engaging in extensive concept generation and ideation to inform the design direction of a new iPhone app.
    • Outside In: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

      I propose a series of principles to guide the design of systems that evoke a sense of the outdoors in indoor spaces. This eight-month project was my final capstone project in completing my master’s degree in interaction design.
    • Home Energy Monitoring System

      We propose a residential electricity monitoring and feedback system for the iPhone that allows users to track their home energy usage, and encourages them to reduce consumption. We presented this project at CHI 2009 and placed fourth overall in the Student Design Competition.
    • Weight Watchers Fast Food Advisor

      With this conceptual iPhone application, we aim to help users make good, healthy eating choices when they are at their most vulnerable, and when they are most likely to give into temptation: when they are eating out.
    • “Light Sandbox” Experience Prototype

      The Light Sandbox allows people to use mirrors and prisms to manipulate light, projecting their creations onto a shared light column. We created experience prototypes to inform our design for this conceptual museum exhibit.
    • “See Akzidenz First!” Type Specimen Book

      Inspired by the turn-of-the-century American railway lodges of the Glacier National Park region, I designed a specimen book for the Akzidenz-Grotesk type family.
    • Alpine Copywriting Campaign

      Alpine is a web development company that offers content management and web marketing services. I led their marketing efforts for a spell, writing case studies and email newsletters to help them spread the good word about their work.


    • MX Conference Graphic Recording

      At Adaptive Path’s 2011 MX Conference I created enormous sketches as our speakers gave their talks, responding to their ideas and recording them in real time.
    • Typography Cliché Letterpress Book

      As part of a project to familiarize ourselves with traditional letterpress machinery, we printed a book of typography clichés in the type shop at Indiana University.
    • Super Secret Professor Books

      A small team of design students banded together in secrecy to create a series of personalized hardcover books that share how much our HCI/d cohort appreciates our professors.
    • Dane and James’ Lost Dreams

      We propose a cruise ship that uniquely caters to the people who typically go on cruises; namely, those who have faded Harley Davidson t-shirts, wear fanny packs, and have a favorite monster truck driver.
    • Big Winds Action Photography

      As their resident photographer, I bulked up the Big Winds library with more than 3,500 local photographs that document their unique Columbia Gorge lifestyle.
    • Captain Quicksilver’s Pirate Video

      Working against a tight deadline, we put together an entry video for Captain Morrigan Quicksilver, firing off his first salvo in his quest to star in Mark Burnett’s Pirate Master reality show.