I am a Minneapolis-based senior design technologist for Filament, where I’m building the future of secure industrial device communication. At GE Digital I built software for jet engines, and at Adaptive Path I helped companies like Nike and PG&E strategize great digital products. I am passionate about sketching and coding.

For over a dozen years I’ve been planning, designing and building digital products for an eclectic range of clients in the technology, energy, financial, retail and entertainment sectors. From multi-channel strategies to production-ready front-end code, my hybrid skills as a designer and developer ensure there’s never a dull day.

I have an insatiable curiosity and am passionate about the outdoors, space travel, music, philosophy, agile processes, and the intersection of design and engineering. Outside of work I enjoy the outdoor pursuits of snowboarding, kiteboarding, camping, hiking and running, and the indoor joys of writing, reading, coding and homebrewing.

In my journey I’ve worked as a wilderness guide, snowboard instructor, camp counselor, windsurfing director, envelope stuffer, standardized test grader, shipping manager, pizza thrower, humor writer, arts reporter, jazz musician and barista. I worked as a professional web developer for over five years and was the lone gun behind Brainside Out, a tiny web design shop.

One of these days, I’m going to build an airplane.