I’ve worked at the intersection of design and engineering for nineteen years and have extensive experience strategizing, designing and building digital products.

Senior DevOps Engineer

“Fancy FTP.”

AWS EC2, ECR, ECS, Fargate, Terraform, Packer, Ansible, Python, Node, Datadog, Docker, Docker-in-Docker, Kaniko, Kaniko-in-Docker, Inception jokes, recursion jokes.

Staff Web Developer

Technical lead and architect for all 1Password marketing websites and services.

Built and implemented a first-party instrumentation and analytics service for all 1Password marketing sites using Terraform, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, KMS, Typescript, and Node.

Migrated search functionality for the 1Password support site to a serverless architecture using Terraform, AWS Opensearch, Lambda, API Gateway, GitLab CI, Typescript, Node, and the Elasticsearch SDK. Expanded service and implemented search for our internal customer support knowledge base.

Typescript, Node, GitLab CI, Docker, Terraform, S3, Cloudfront, Lambda, Lambda@Edge, API Gateway, Jest, Cypress, HTML, Sass.

Senior Interaction Designer

Worked with the GE Aviation Fleet Support team to strategize, design and build Fleet Monitor X, a diagnostics suite that consolidates twenty separate tools for monitoring a global fleet of more than 24,000 aircraft and 56,000 engines.

Built complex, responsive prototypes in Vue.js and Vuetify, populated by large sets of realistic data generated with Node.js. Prototypes were rapidly integrated into application code and fed real data from back-end services.

Senior Design Technologist

Filament builds edge hardware for the industrial internet that allows assets to wirelessly and securely talk to each other. As Filament’s design technologist I built cross-platform apps for managing hardware, “headless” apps for connecting to mesh networks, and cloud infrastructures for securely transmitting and storing asset data.

Using AWS and Terraform, I built a scalable cloud infrastructure that securely connects to a Filament mesh network and receives, stores, and publishes device data for authorized agents. Components included AWS IoT for connecting to Filament gateway devices, Lambda for processing device reports and API requests, Cognito for securing API access and authorizing users, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and S3 for hosting a web app secured with Cognito and written in Vue.js and Mapbox.

Using Node.js, I wrote a gateway script that connects to a Filament mesh network and sends device reports to any configured integration, including AWS IoT, Microsoft SQL Server, Losant, and Socket.io. I packaged the script to function in numerous contexts, including on a Raspberry Pi, inside a Docker container, deployed remotely via BalenaCloud (née Resin.io), and embedded in a desktop app.

I built a mobile progressive web app, secured by AWS Cognito and populated with data from API Gateway, that allows users to quickly activate a new Filament device. Capabilities included scanning a QR code on a device, confirming Filament mesh network connectivity, visualizing the status of the mesh network and all known devices, and displaying devices on a map.

Senior Staff Software Designer

Used HTML, Sass, and Javascript to build the mobile-first, responsive design framework for Predix APM, GE Digital’s flagship application for industrial monitoring and diagnostics, which deployed to production in July 2016.

Worked closely with the Predix APM UX team to build and release event-based toast and notification capabilities, implementing them with a mobile-first, responsive layout.

Coached front-end engineering teams on advanced web development practices including responsive design, Node.js tooling, BEM syntax, Inverted Triangle CSS, object-oriented CSS, and Sass.

Senior Staff Interaction Designer

Worked closely with members of GE Aviation leadership to strategize, design, and deliver platform capabilities that address critical business needs around user collaboration, remote diagnostics, and industrial asset lifecycle management.

Helped release Fleet Monitor, a web application for remotely monitoring jet engines, into production for hundreds of airline operation centers.

Conceptualized, prototyped, and gained executive buy-in for 1Fleet Dashboard, a tablet-first view into fleet metrics for Aviation leaders. Led a UX team to refine the 1Fleet design, built visualization widgets alongside the engineering team using Sass, JavaScript, and D3.js, and deployed the responsive web app for use by GE Aviation leadership.

Lead Interaction Designer

Oversaw product strategy on multiple engagements with GE Aviation where I led the design, execution, and release of web applications for monitoring and maintaining jet engines. As an embedded designer on agile development teams, I used Angular and a full-stack JavaScript environment to create rich prototypes that rapidly integrated with our back-end systems.

Strategized, designed, prototyped, and helped release two major iterations of Fleet Monitor, a new tool used by the GE Aviation Fleet Support team to monitor more than 38,000 jet engines across the globe.

Designed, prototyped, and helped deploy Workscope Strategy Analyzer, a tool that allows GE Aviation to visualize tens of thousands of possible maintenance futures for a single jet engine, and identify the optimal workscope to perform on it.

Created Propeller, a Node-based prototyping tool that enables code-savvy designers to build sharable, data-backed prototypes using the native code of the GE Industrial Internet Design System.

Experience Designer

Worked with clients including Nike, Disney, SK Telecom, Topsy Labs, U.N. Global Pulse, PG&E, Aol, Duke Energy, Corporate Executive Board and Capital Group to strategize, design, and build compelling user experiences. Work involved research planning and preparation, field interviews, research analysis, sketching, concepting, wireframing, prototyping, and facilitating hands-on design workshops with clients.

As a design technologist, took a leadership role on technology-focused client projects through planning, prototyping, and delivering production-ready responsive front-end code.

Launched updated websites and content management systems for Adaptive Path’s MX and UX Week conferences, and helped launch a brand new Adaptive Path website.

Experience Design Associate

Worked as an experience designer on client projects, including concept generation and wireframing for the Cerego Smart.fm iPhone app. Published to the Adaptive Path weblog regarding sketching and concept work.

Developed and launched an updated Adaptive Path website and home page using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Web Director

Managed the online presence of the largest windsports shop in the United States, including e-commerce engine, online product catalog, copywriting, content management, photography, advertising, and search engine visibility.

Migrated website and e-commerce engine to a new hosting environment and a Ruby on Rails architecture. Continually improved website design, layout, and usability, helping drive the strongest online and offline sales in business history.

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Managed website strategy, creation, and maintenance for more than a dozen clients as an independent web designer and developer. Work included project management, standards-based website design, back-end and front-end development, copywriting, webhost migration, software customization, and content management.

Web Developer

Rebuilt the front-end of the Big Winds e-commerce engine using standards-based design practices, and launched a new website design. Updated back-end code and administrative sections to support new products and categories.

Web Designer

Involved in the design, development, launch, and maintenance of more than thirty client websites, with work including project management, information architecture, website design and layout, copywriting, and front-end development.

Created and implemented a series of website design standards, resulting in a unified front-end development process that the company continued to follow for more than five years.

Trained a growing team of web designers in semantic standards-based design and development.


Rebuilt the Big Winds website using standards-based design practices, improving site usability, cross-browser compatibility and search engine visibility. Work resulted in a five-fold increase in online sales.

Design Skills

Experienced with human-centered design methods that include interviewing stakeholders, preparing research plans, conducting field research, synthesizing and presenting research findings, creating personas and journey maps, facilitating hands-on workshops, communicating design strategies to senior leadership, sketching and generating concepts, wireframing interaction flows, and prototyping interfaces.

Technical Skills

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Webpack, Vue.js, Vuetify, Node.js, Electron, AWS, Ubuntu, Nginx, Bash, Git, Terraform, Cordova, Bootstrap, Material Design, LESS, jQuery, Angular, D3, Chart.js, Highcharts, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Arduino

Software Skills

Sketch, OmniGraffle, Keynote, Acorn, Photoshop, Illustrator


Indiana University Bloomington

Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction Design, May 2010
4.0 Cumulative GPA

University of Minnesota Duluth

Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, May 2003
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies, New Media Writing
Minors: Philosophy and Jazz Studies
3.9 Cumulative GPA


Along with my former teammates at Adaptive Path, awarded U.S. patent number 9361639B2, “Video message capture and delivery for online purchases.”

As a senior staff interaction designer at GE Digital, received numerous “Above & Beyond” awards from project leads, managers, and GE Aviation stakeholders for performing outstanding work and exemplifying the GE Beliefs.

Selected by GE Digital leaders and traveled to GE’s leadership training center in Crotonville, New York to participate in exclusive training for igniting and sustaining cultural change in an organization.

Participated in scrum training and certified as a Scrum Product Owner by Scrum Inc.

As a lead interaction designer at GE Digital, recognized with “role model” status in multiple annual GE performance reviews.

Successfully completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.

Gave a lightning talk “Codecraft” at the GE Design Conference, which discussed the rapid rate of change in development practices over the last ten years, and its implications for how we practice UX design.

Conducted a half-day workshop with Karel Barnowski at Lean Day West in Portland, teaching more than 70 UX professionals how to achieve better, faster UX in the enterprise through design systems, sketching and prototyping.

Spoke at IxDA San Francisco’s “Design Doing” event with “Designing the Industrial Internet”, a talk about my process of using design systems at GE to design and build software directly in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Revisited my “On Aircraft And Craft” talk at the IxDA San Francisco redUX event.

Gave a talk “On Aircraft And Craft” at the Interaction 13 Conference in Toronto, discussing the importance of design principles and their implications for our craft.

Acted as an expert reviewer for manuscripts submitted to IEEE Pervasive Computing.

Gave a keynote talk “The Fastest Pivot You’ll Ever Make” at RocketSpace in San Francisco, discussing how startups can use UX techniques to create more delightful products.

Spoke with U.N. Global Pulse at the 2011 O’Reilly Strata Conference in New York City about our work on HunchWorks, a crowdsourced system for identifying and mitigating emerging global crises.

Arduino-based refrigerator alarm picked up by the Adafruit blog and cited as “Marvelous!”

Guest lectured on sketching for Principles of Usability course at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Concept sketches for Smart.fm published in Suzanne Ginsburg’s Designing the iPhone User Experience book, and featured in Ginsburg’s BayCHI talk Wrangling Apps in the Smartphone Wild West.

Blog post “Can Experience Be Designed?” for the Adaptive Path blog referenced by Adam Richardson, Creative Director at Frog Design, in his Understanding Customer Experience article for Harvard Business Review.

Participated in the Frog Design Energy ThinkIn, an invitation-only collaboration with the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative to better understand energy-conscious behavior.

Blog post “The Constraints and Opportunities of Metaphor” for the Adaptive Path blog translated into Hebrew by UX Israel.

Executive Chair of the Indiana University Graduate Informatics Student Association.

Published WattBot: A Residential Electricity Monitoring and Feedback System in the Extended Abstracts of CHI 2009. Boston, MA. ACM Press, New York, NY. PDF Download, ACM Digital Library

Advanced to the final round of the CHI 2009 Student Design Competition with WattBot and presented at the CHI 2009 conference in Boston, MA.

Honorable Mention in the Indiana University School of Informatics Graduate Student Poster Session with poster for WattBot.

Other Experience

Associate Instructor

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
September 2008 – May 2010

Wilderness Guide

YMCA Camp Menogyn, Grand Marais, MN
June 2006 – August 2006
June 2005 – September 2005

Snowboard Instructor

Mount Bachelor, Bend, OR
November 2003 – March 2004

Windsurfing Technician

Big Winds, Hood River, OR
May 2003 – November 2003

Senior Counselor, Windsurfing Director

YMCA Camp Ihduhapi, Loretto, MN
June 2002 – August 2002