I take full responsibility for the design and code of this website. It is built using Propeller, a static site generator I built using Assemble. Assemble is a robust collection of Grunt tasks written in Node, with support for Handlebars templates, LESS CSS compilation, and many other things. The source code for is available on GitHub.

My websites are hosted on a 2GB Ubuntu 14.04 LTS instance at Linode, which I personally maintain. All my domains are registered at Hover.

Before Assemble and Node, this site was built in Serve, an awesome Ruby gem with a lightweight development server, ERB templates, Compass integration and static exports. Before that it used CodeIgniter, a PHP-based MVC framework.

The grid-based layout of this site uses a lightweight CSS framework of my own devising, inspired by Blueprint CSS, and HTML5 Boilerplate.

I use a mid-2012 13” MacBook Air. I write all my code in Sublime Text and host it on GitHub. On the days I need FTP, I use Panic’s Transmit. I maintain a local development environment using Node for just about everything, and RVM and MAMP PRO for anything else.

I try to keep my life organized in Evernote and Things, but honestly it’s unread email that make the world turn.

— Last updated: October, 2014