Outside In: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

In my final capstone project for completing my master’s degree in interaction design, I spent eight months discovering how to evoke a sense of the natural world in indoor environments. My work resulted in a series of design principles that refine our understanding of the outside and inside worlds, and identified five lenses to help structure how the natural world is meaningful to us.

The Presentation

The cover slide of my capstone presentation about bringing the outdoors indoors.

Download my presentation slides. (35MB PDF)

The Paper

The cover of my capstone paper about bringing the outdoors indoors.

Download my complete capstone paper. (25MB PDF)

The Sketches

A single page of the numerous sketches I produced while pursuing this project.

Download my capstone sketches. (139MB PDF)

The Poster

A poster explaining my proposed design principles for evoking a sense of the outdoors indoors.