Big Winds Action Photography

I spent two summers working as the resident photographer for Big Winds, a windsurfing and kiteboarding shop located in the windsports mecca of Hood River, Oregon. As a result of my efforts, Big Winds now has a library stocked with more than 3,500 unique local photos, allowing their marketing efforts to reflect their unique Columbia Gorge lifestyle.

Mack kiteboarding toeside.
Mack, shredding it toeside.

Jason kiteboarding, and getting some huge air.
Jason on dawn patrol, grabbing some huge air.

Mike kiteboarding in the kiddie pool.
Mike, shredding some butter in the Kiddie Pool.

Karin windsurfing.
Karin nailing a jibe in the Eastern Gorge.

Joe windsurfing, giving us the shakka.
Joe gives us the shakka.

Steve, Big Winds owner, nails another jibe.
Steve, the owner of Big Winds, nails another jibe.

Daryl windsurfing at the Hatchery.
Daryl in her element at the Hatchery.

Kevin windsurfing.
Kevin practicing for the Freestyle Frenzy.

Rob Warwick windsurfing.
Rob Warwick takes off.

Rob Warwick windsurfing.
Rob plants it.

Andy windsurfing.
Andy gives us the shakka.